Just Blaze Signee OnCue Drinks Away His Problems on 'Sip': Premiere

Stefan Kohli


With New Year's about two calendar flips away, OnCue is already on the "New Me" mentality for his latest single "Sip."

Here, the New York-based rapper/singer -- who recently signed to esteemed producer Just Blaze's Rebel Base Industries label -- gives the middle finger to his haters and finds the solution to his worries at the bottom of a cup. "I just need a sip," he sings on the Brenton Duval and Maki-produced track. "I don't got a problem, I just drink away my problems." 

"Most of the time, the best records happen randomly -- and "Sip" happened randomly," he tells Billboard. "I wanted the beat [from producer Brenton Duval] for months -- and when I finally got the green light, it was mine and I wrote to it immediately. It was initially intended for my upcoming Perfectly, Tragically, Flawed project — but after sitting down with all the records we decided it made more sense on You Knew All Along. Since it was originally intended for PTF, Maki added some extra magic to it as well."

OnCue isn't shy about admitting he listens to his own work frequently, either. "I've been listening to this song every other day since the top of 2016," he adds. "It just feels so damn good."

You Knew All Along, which hosts the previously released "3AM," is slated for release on Nov. 11. 

Drink along to OnCue's "Sip" below: