YG Pays Tribute To Victims Of Police Brutality In 'One Time Comin'

Timothy Norris/WireImage
YG performs at The Forum on July 6, 2016 in Inglewood, Calif.

After tweeting his 1.11 million fans that he'd be releasing new music, YG kept true to his word and dropped a dedication track early Tues. morning (Oct. 25) titled "One Time Comin'" dedicated to individuals who've been subject to police brutality. 

The Compton rapper is known to keep his music brutally honest, from his anti-Trump song "F--k Donald Trump" to "Police Get Away With Murder" from his newest album Still Brazy -- which peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 and carries on his unapologetic attitude on "One Time Comin'." 

"Gotta stay strapped, stay cautious, young n---ain't tryna see the coffin", YG belts over gritty synths. "Told my daughter 'Daddy love you' when I left the crib." The new track is the first single off YG's socially conscious Still Brazy album and it chronicles the fears black men face in their daily lives. YG continues to spill out his disgust towards policemen throughout the song as he raps "think our life don't matter?/ 'Cause our family's scattered?/ You think you hard with your badge huh?"

Listen to YG's "One Time Comin'" below.