Watch Don Benjamin Bring Back Summer in New Video for 'Touch My Body': Exclusive Premiere

 Jesus Espinosa
Don Benjamin

The "America's Next Top Model" alum embarks on an Acapulco adventure.

Don Benjamin first came on the scene in 2013 as a contestant on cycle 20 of America's Next Top Model. He has since changed paths and refocused his attention on music -- made by others and himself.

Back in May, he landed the role of love interest in Ariana Grande's lustful "Into You" video. Now, he's premiering a video all his own exclusively with Billboard. The video brings his latest track "Touch My Body," which features Jay Oliver, to life as the two enjoy the gorgeous views (and women) of Acapulco. 

The sonic landscape of "Touch My Body" is equally appealing as the colorfully captured cliffs and beaches. The song incorporates a booming beat and catchy chorus that details all the things Benjamin loves about his newfound interest.

The island-inspired track is undeniably upbeat, though it plays into a darker thematic concept. "The video is about Jay Oliver and myself both on vacation, and we meet two girls that take us on a journey throughout the city, but there's a plot twist," Benjamin says. "Their jealous exes follow us with plans to kidnap us."

Jealous ex-boyfriends aren't the only danger in the video, as Benjamin also performs his own stunt and jumps off a famous 100-foot cliff into the ocean. 

Check it out in the full video below: