Jeezy Talks 'Trap or Die 3,' Shawty Lo's Legacy, Donald Trump Being a 'Rude Dude' & More

Young Jeezy
Prince Williams/WireImage

Young Jeezy performs at Jeezy Presents TM101: 10 Year Anniversary at The Fox Theatre on July 25, 2015 in Atlanta. 

Jeezy fans rejoiced when the Snowman announced that he would be dropping his highly anticipated seventh studio album, Trap Or Die 3 (via Def Jam Records), at the end of the month.

The Atlanta rap veteran says he'll continue to keep his hustler mentality on the TOD series' third installment, which hosts previously released tracks like "Let 'Em Know" and "All There," featuring late rapper Bankroll Fresh.

Billboard caught up with Jeezy at the 2016 Revolt Music Conference in Miami on Friday (Oct. 14), where he discussed the sound of his upcoming project, his relationship with late rap star Shawty Lo and his opinion of Donald Trump. 

What is the main difference between Trap or Die 3 and previous volumes?

Trap Or Die 2 was different sonically, you know what I’m saying. There’s a bit more samples on this one. It’s more musical. It’s a trilogy right here, so to speak. Trap Or Die 3 is what Trap Or Die should have been. I had time to get it together so I’ve mastered my craft.

Last year, you brought church into your sound with Church In These StreetsWill you bringing your hood pastor side to this project as well? 

I’m leaving it out because I feel like at the time, it was what the game needed. This is what the game needs now. So as the big homie, it’s a necessity to move with the times. On Church In These Streets, I’m speaking on a lot of the things that are going on now. It was before its time. If you go back and listen to it now, you might appreciate it more. Right now, I’m back to motivating my people to get this money. That’s what this is about. I did all I can do in that department. I had to take my hard bottoms off and put my Chuck Taylors back on.

You recently celebrated the life of Shawty Lo at Beyonce’s Formation Tour during DJ Khaled’s set. Talk about his impact on you.

I mean you know what’s crazy? I actually knew Shawty Lo from the street streets. Like we’ve had some business before. Back in the day, I’m talking 15 years or so ago. To see how far he made it and to see what type of person he was -- he had a vision. It’s sad to see your friends and the people you come up with die at such a young age. I was in the club the other night, and they played one of his records. I could just see the way the crowd was acting. It made me feel… like… damn. It’s hard to see that. I got to see what kind of father he was to his kids and all of that. We’re going to keep his legacy alive, and that’s why I did that. Shout out to Beyonce for even doing that segment for him.

You aren’t shy about speaking on politics and social issues. What are your thoughts on Donald Trump and the recent remarks his campaign has made? 

Shit, I think he’s a rude dude with some money. Listen, if that’s who you want to be your president, go right ahead. I’ve never seen Obama caught up in no scandals like that. I commend him on that. It’s hard being a man of power like that, but if [Trump] is that way without being in the office, give him that power and see what he does. He could f--k it up for all of us! [Laughs]