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DJ Khaled Drops Gems During #AskKhaled Panel at 2016 Revolt Music Conference

John Parra/Getty Images for Revolt Music Conference
Sean 'Diddy' Combs and DJ Khaled on stage at 2016 REVOLT Music Conference at Eden Roc Miami Beach on Oct. 13, 2016 in Miami Beach, Fla. 

The 2016 Revolt Music Conference kicked off day one in Miami Beach on Friday (Oct. 14), and tons of notable names were in the building. As music artists, executives, managers, tech experts and more dropped gems throughout the day's panel lineup, it was DJ Khaled that revved up the most excitement.

The Snapchat King led his first #AskKhaled panel, which is following in the footsteps of Diddy, whose #AskDiddy segment last year became the standout panel. Following a preview of his new Mango Ciroc commercial, Khaled was able to provide answers to anxious questions from attendees, with some from outside countries who were eager for a chance to be in front of the music mogul.

Read up on what we learned from DJ Khaled's Revolt Q&A below.

Khaled is all about the work ethic when it comes to an artist.

The music entrepreneur touched upon working with upcoming artists, and gave some gems as to what would attract him to collaborate with new talent. Not only do they have to have work ethic, and be willing to listen, but he also prefers a vibe where they don't have to be instructed at all. As Khaled phrased it, "Some artists just have it."

He just wants sincere support when it comes to his upcoming book.

With The Keys coming out on Nov. 22, the DJ says that there's only one thing he wants his fans and other brands to do. "Just support," he says. He also revealed that the book will be about giving readers the keys to life. "They hid the keys from me and they locked a lot of doors," he stated.

God is his biggest motivation.

When one audience member asked Khaled what kept him motivated through the storms of doubt around him, God was the answer. "When you're winning, even when you're going through a storm, embrace life every day." Notorious for his positive Snapchat videos and inspiring stories, Khaled also let the audience know that there's one thing that he never does. "I was a person in the game that would never complain. We might get frustrated, but I don't complain because complaining is a setback in your life and your career." While that may be easier said than done, the tip still resonated with the crowd.

Snapchat helped him become more personal to his fans.

Many are wondering what attracted Khaled to the popular social network app that launched him into superstardom this past year. The mogul revealed that he discovered it to be a way to become more of a personal brand to his fans. "A lot of people might know me for having a lot of no. 1 records, wearing a lot of chains, and being in videos. What happened with Snapchat is that you got to know Khaled as Khaled. I got a lot of fans that are personalized now."

A few different people helped give him his first major key.

It's no secret that the We the Best labelhead has had his share of hardships in his career, but he never lost hope. He explained, "[I was told] you will never be the biggest DJ. You played yourself." Khaled revealed that it was 99 Jamz in Miami, and Betty Wright who helped out his initial start in the music industry. After her, her team, and local people of Miami made phone calls, he earned his own show that ran on the air for 13-15 years straight. He also made sure to shout out Joey Crack, Puff Daddy, and Jay Z.

He realized he was a Snapchat superstar in the Apple Store.

Even though social media was already in a frenzy over his hilarious and motivational Snaps, Khaled didn't realize his impact on the app for a while. He told the story of the moment that he knew he was becoming a bigger deal, which involved him coming out of a dark place.  "I was going through hard times. I was spending more money than I was making. On my mama, I didn't even know y'all was watching [my Snapchat] like that. Thanks to a trip to the Apple Store, following him documenting being lost at sea on his jet ski, he noticed an increase of fans asking for photos and autographs. "10 minutes later, there are 5,000 people in the Apple store," he stated. All of those fans were screaming out his now signature Snapchat phrases such as "Lion," "Cloth talk" and "Don't ever play yourself."

He has some advice for his son, as well as a younger version of himself.

One fan questioned what Khaled might say to a younger version of him on the rise, which triggered him to go into future father mode. Speaking on his upcoming son, the mogul explained, "When he comes and touches the world, he's going to see all of this. Love is the most powerful thing in the world. When he sees something that's not love, he's going to think something's wrong." There's no doubt that he is leaving some huge shoes to fill for any upcoming Khaled on the rise.