Donald Trump Spokesperson Pins Rape Culture on Hip-Hop

Win McNamee/Getty Images
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks during the Presidential Debate at Hofstra University on Sept. 26, 2016 in Hempstead, N.Y.

Following the release last week of a 2005 video of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's  crude comments about groping and sexually assaulting women, the real estate mogul's campaign continued to attract controversy this week with claims that rape culture can be tied to rap. 

In a recent interview with CNN (Oct. 11), Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson defended the business tycoon and what he deemed "locker room talk" while shading Democrats for denouncing Trump's remarks in light of their embrace of hip-hop and Hollywood. 

"I find it quite rich that we have Democrats and the left talking about rape culture when they’re the ones backed fully by Hollywood," she said. "This rape culture is purported by none other than the entertainment industry, none other than hip-hop music, which you can hear on local radio.”

Pierson continued, "We are talking about a society who puts women on a pedestal because of a sex tape and then we have the audacity to claim that all of a sudden there’s this moral compass. This is something that Mr. Trump said, who he thought was in private, that came to light for crying out loud as he was a part of that hip-hop celebrity culture.”

North Carolina rapper Rapsody recently penned an essay for Billboard about Trump's supporters, specifically those criticizing hip-hop. "You love to attack hip-hop," she wrote. "The media paints hip-hop -- and most things dealing with black culture -- as the catalyst for all world problems. In reality, however, you hate hip-hop because it turns the mirror on America and shows her just how ugly she has been to many."

"Misogyny isn’t a hip-hop problem," she added, "it’s an American problem." Watch the interview below: