Scarface Talks His Eight-Year Vice in New 'Golf Lives' Documentary

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You’re liable to run into the most unexpected people on a golf course these days. Just ask Brad Jordan. Or as he’s known in rap circles: Scarface. “Yeah, it’s a sickness,” says Scarface with a laugh. “I’m in Houston on the golf course doing 18 holes every day that I don’t have to work or it rains.”

The rap icon’s avid pursuits on the green are the focus of Golf Lives. Premiering Tuesday (Oct. 4), the short-form documentary is produced by VICE Sports and distributed via Callaway Golf channels.

View Golf Lives trailer here.

Golf Lives is about showcasing the broad appeal of golf by chronicling the immersion of an unexpected and interesting character into Callaway’s world of product performance and innovation,” explains Harry Arnett, senior vp of marketing & brand management for Callaway Golf. Adds VICE Sports publisher Will Kiersky, “We wanted to make a statement and bring someone into the fold with both real credibility in the rap world and a deep passion for golf to see what happened. Scarface was the perfect fit for this.”

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The link between rap and golf isn’t as surprising as some may think. “There are a lot of hip-hoppers who play golf,” says Scarface, ticking off such names as Drez of Black Sheep (“a hell of a golfer”) and Luther Campbell. Scarface’s own love affair with the sport began eight years ago when his then 14-year-old daughter beat him in a round.

“She was taking lessons and wanted me to buy her some clubs,” recalls Scarface, a fan of golf champion Phil Mickelson. “I bought clubs for myself as well, thinking this was an easy game and I could show my daughter that daddy can do anything. Boy, was I wrong.”

Scarface says he now probably shoots between 11 and 9 (“It’s better than average”). But above all, he loves that golf presents a “different-than-life challenge. I don’t care how long you play it, you’ll never ever master this game. There will always be something from one day to the next. All you can hope to do is enjoy it.”


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