'Empire' Episode 2 'Sin That Amends' Recap: Cookie's New Man, Jamal's PTSD & Police Brutality

Chuck Hodes/FOX
Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson in the "Sin That Amends" episode of Empire on Sept. 28, 2016.

Ain’t no love in the Lyon house in this week’s Empire episode, “Sin That Amends.”

In Wednesday night's (Sept. 28) installment, Lucious tried to win Cookie’s affection (again) through extravagant gifts and a trip down memory lane -- with the help of Biz Markie. Unfortunately for the Lyon patriarch, Cookie laid eyes on a new romance, Angelo (played by Taye Diggs).

Jamal still struggled with PTSD, which hindered him from creating and performing new music for the label. However, it did allow him time to "save the world" by volunteering with WOKE, an organization that empowers and educates inner-city kids. Elsewhere, Andre’s mental health worsened and he suffered brutality at the hands of the police.

Read through the highlights below.

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"Bye Fe-Lucious"

Though married to Anika to keep the Feds out of his family business, Lucious holds nothing back to win Cookie over. Once the flashy gifts -- including a gold pistol and diamond choker -- don't work, Lucious called in a favor from the Biz, who performed her favorite song, "Just A Friend."

Empire’s bossman believes he’s finally melted her cold shoulder but Cookie was not so easily impressed. "I know we have a lot of history together, but you can’t keep hitting me over the head with this ‘when we first saw each other,’ sentimental crap," she told him.

Hakeem and Nessa Spark New Chemistry

Hakeem continued to sidestep his daddy duties for more time in the studio with Empire’s new sensation, Nessa. As the two collaborated on a track, they ignited more chemistry and Hakeem contemplated making a move. "First you hate me then you love me, is that it?," he said flirtatiously. Shyne later knocked out a random dude who eyed his talented little sister, and Hakeem got the subliminal message to stay away from Nessa -- or at least keep whatever might transpire between them on the down low.

Jamal’s WOKE

Jamal and Lucious hosted WOKE’s anti-violence summit for Empire XStream to Cookie’s dismay. All was well until Jamal suffered another panic attack as his father called him to the stage. When confronted for his inability to perform, he finally admitted to having a crippling fear. "I’m scared, alright! I got a problem and I can’t get on stage," he screamed at Lucious and Cookie. "I can’t do it anymore."

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Cookie’s New Groove

Now that Cookie’s shaking off her past with Lucious, she was ready for a new chapter with her eye on Angelo, also the leader of WOKE, whose mere presence at first ruffled her feathers. After chin-checking his privilege (he comes from a wealthy, higher educated background), she became more attracted to him. Lucious wasn't too happy with their flirty exchanges, but if nothing else, this could mean the beginning of Cookie’s evolution as a woman.

Andre Suffers Police Brutality

As if losing his baby and wife weren’t enough, Andre had a run-in with the police while trying to move out of his old house. "What are you doing around here," one cop asked. "A lot of break-ins in this neighborhood. Know anything about that?" As Andre tried to explain that he lives there, the cops pinned him face down and arrested him.

Empire airs every Wednesday on FOX at 9 p.m.


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