Asher Roth Makes No Apologies on New Track 'Oops': Exclusive Premiere

Asher Roth
Savannah Castranda

Asher Roth

Asher Roth's new track is called "Oops" but the Philadelphia rapper isn't apologizing for having some fun. 

Partnering with D.A. and producer Oren Yoel for the new song, which is premiering exclusively with Billboard, Roth says this is "just another example of making cool shit with my friends. Oren & D.A. are some of my closest in the business."

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After releasing his Rawther EP with Nottz & Travis Barker earlier this year, "Oops" precedes an episode of Roth's Rap Life video series by the same name. He says, the song is "too good to not share the full version."

On "Oops" Roth is having a good time as he manages to reference the Lion King, shout out Lykke Li and offer up etiquette lessons all in the same goofy verse. Listen to it here: 

To say Roth has been busy seems like an understatement when the "College" rapper explains what he's been up to lately. At the heart of his many projects is Retrohash.com, which began as a platform to release his own independent music and videos but has grown to encompass more of his interests in entertainment and social issues with Rap Life and his Lemonade video series.

This year Roth also launched a podcast on Dash Radio called Radical Magical and he's currently working on a full length album slated for release next year. As well, he's been developing his Bongress marijuana-education campaign aimed, as well as the I Love College Foundation to help alleviate student loan debt. 

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"My intention as an entertainer has always been to be part of something larger than myself," he says. "Modifying ideas for radio and other outlets left me feeling rather drained and uninspired. So in leaving the major label system my goal was to create a multimedia outlet that allowed me the freedom to create for reasons beyond popularity and money."

Roth says his goal is to continue developing Retrohash into a "a robust platform that will bring together a variety of voices to create great music, various entrainment and address social issues in a meaningful way. Or what we at Retrohash describe as dope, art and insights."

He adds, "I'm interested in continuing to develop a genuine fan base. It allows me to progress & grow without the pressure of other's agendas or expectations. That's why I've created my own little world."