'Atlanta' Episode 5 'Nobody Beats The Biebs' Recap: Justin Bieber's Realness, Darius' Target & Earn's VIP Status

Guy D'Alema/FX
Donald Glover as Earnest Marks and Brian Tyree Henry as Alfred Miles on "Nobody Beats The Biebs" episode of Atlanta

FX's Atlanta didn't drop the ball in providing random celebrity cameos and a-ha moments in this week's episode, "Nobody Beats the Biebs."

Rapper Paper Boi participated in a charity basketball game where he takes on Justin Bieber, the douche-y pop star who also happens to be black in star Donald Glover's version of ATL. Earn gets mistaken for another black man named Alonso and is whisked away to a VIP lounge by an older woman (played by Jane Adams) where Hennessy and Grand Marnier is free and business cards get swapped all day -- until the woman accuses him of stealing her clients. Meanwhile, Darius took aim at an unexpected target at the shooting range, which doesn't sit too well with two white men. 

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Zip through Episode 5's highlights below.

Darius at the shooting range 

While Earn and Paper Boi were at the charity event, Darius headed to the shooting range. When he unfurled a poster of a dog as his target and fired off his gun, two white men approach him and say, "You can’t shoot a dog." Darius asked, "Why would I shoot a human target? That’s too specific." He then pointed to a target graphic showing a white "Dad." Another man, appearing to be of Middle Eastern descent, sides with Darius. "America has taken so much. No more!," he said. "A revolution will rise from within. Blood will spill."

Paper Boi at the basketball game

“You should interview me now because I’ma be the MVP of this thang,” Paper Boi tells a reporter before the game, simultaneously hitting on her and requesting an interview. "My audience isn’t into the whole gangster thing, I’m not really either," she responded, recognizing him as the rapper who shot somebody.

On the court, he took on black Bieber alongside a roster that included singer Lloyd, Family Matters star Jaleel White and rapper Lil Zane. While the two nearly duked it out on the hardwood, Paper Boi continued to be persistent about landing an interview with the reporter after the game. She then offered, "Listen, I want to give you some advice -- play your part. People don’t want Justin to be the asshole. They want you to be the asshole. You’re a rapper. That’s your job."

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Justin Bieber at the basketball game

On Atlanta, Justin Bieber is black. Played by actor Austin Crute, the Biebs is portrayed as a pretentious asshole who smushed the reporter's face during an interview and pissed in a corner before the game. "You should work with him," Earn told Alfred, who wants nothing to do with his opponent. 

His on-court demeanor is Donald Trump levels of aggravating, too. Heated words are exchanged before he and Paper Boi get into a shoving match in the paint. At the post-game press conference, black Bieber apologized for his actions. “I guess I’ve been trying to be so cool lately that I became something I’m not. This is me -- this is the real Justin,” he said, flipping his backwards cap to the front showing the word “Real" and performing a poppy cut (which sounds like new Childish Gambino material, perhaps off Pharos) from his forthcoming album titled Justice. "I actually like Christ," added the Biebs. Paper Boi then said under his breath, “I can’t belive this n---a.”

Earn at the lounge

An older woman mistook Earn for “Alonso,” a former black colleague and invited him to a lounge for agents and managers upstairs. They immediately talked about the industry and reminisced on old times after meeting six years earlier at the Grammys. Earn played along to network and hopefully get in good with this hot shot who smokes and wears shades indoors. Their powwow takes a turn when the woman accuses Alonso of ruining her career. “You thought I was finished but I’m a survivor," she said. "I am going to ruin you no matter where you go. I’m gonna make sure you die homeless.”

Atlanta airs on FX at 10 p.m. every Tuesday.