T.I. Protests Police Brutality in 'Black Man' Video With Quavo, Meek Mill & Rara: Watch

After releasing his politically charged Us or Else EP on Friday (Sept. 23), T.I. continues to rally for justice with the black-and-white visual for "Black Man" featuring Migos' Quavo, Rara and Meek Mill

"Black man, drop top/ There go the cops," sings Quavo on the hook before asking, "Is it because of my people?/ Is it because of my sneakers?/ Is it because of my jersey?/ It is because that I'm perfect?" 

T.I. Releases New 'Us or Else' EP Addressing Police Brutality: Listen

Each rapper shares their personal experiences and emotions tied to the numerous cases of police brutality happening across America. As Quavo recalls getting pulled over, Rara name-drops Mike Brown whose life was taken after a police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, and Meek Mill offers, "We seen too many brothers get put in caskets." 


Tip saves his verse for last, putting his hands up and rhyming, "Police see I got my hands up/ Still wanna kill me, they don't understand us/ They be looking for a reason just to shoot me/ And wanna do me how they do us in the movies." He also shared the video on his Twitter account, adding the hashtag "#TerenceCrutcher," paying tribute to the unarmed Black man who was fatally shot by a police officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma, earlier this week. 

Watch the emotional visual here