The Game Explains Incident That Sparked Meek Mill Beef

The Game
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for BET

The Game attends Day 1 of the Radio Broadcast Center during the BET Awards on June 27, 2014 in Los Angeles. 

The Game shared his side of the story in the ongoing saga between him and Meek Mill that stemmed from a June robbery involving singer/rapper Sean Kingston. During a recent pit stop to SiriusXM's New York offices, the West Coast rep (real name Jayceon Taylor) sat down with Hip Hop Nation's Torae to explain what sparked the beef. 

"What happened was we was in the club. It was Meek's first time back in L.A. since his whole house arrest and he couldn't move," he recalled. Game explained how he sent Meek a bottle of Rose and told the Philadelphia rapper how "n---as been getting robbed" in Los Angeles, even encouraging him to leave the club a little earlier. Kingston's table also was right next to Meek's, according to The Game.

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"Meek leaves the club, then an hour later, Sean Kingston gets robbed, knocked in the head. [They] took his jewelry, ran through his crew so we left," Game continued. "Later, Sean Kingston called me 15 minutes after that and he was like 'Game, that's f--ked up. Meek told me you set me up.'" Game also said detectives came to his house, questioning him and asking whether it was a member of his entourage even though there was no evidence of his involvement. "I privied you to what was going on in the city so you could cover your ass and just be aware," he said of Meek, "and then you went and turned that into something else."

In the same interview, Game also ran through his three-way conversation with Meek and Kingston following the incident. "I got Meek on the phone and was like, 'You told Sean.' He was like, 'I ain't tell that fat motherf--ker nothin'," Game offered. "So I said you know what, we gon' fix this. [I] call Sean Kingston on three-way ... and [Meek] goin' off on Sean Kingston. 'I ain't tell you nothin'.' And Sean Kingston said, 'Yes, you did.' ... So I just hung up the phone."

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Game also addressed his "F--k Meek Mill" comments in Miami the night of his Block Wars: 1992 tour show. "I got drunk and you tell the truth and it come out so outta nowhere, I'm like 'F--k Meek Mill,'" he said. "From then, I had to ride it out. He said what he had to say with some memes and Instagrams so it went back and forth."

He also spoke Meek's diss record featuring Beanie Sigel on the Young M.A hit "OOOUUU," which also featured Meek affiliates Omelly and Takbar. "Then [Meek] f--ked up. He got my favorite beat of now, which is the Young MA beat. I love that song so he jumped on that beat and then he did the ultimate f--kery -- he went and got Beans to help. I got love for Beans so when he did that, I was genuinely hurt." 

Listen to the full interview below.