Nas Names the Best NBA Rapper & Vince Staples Talks Patriots on Bill Simmons' 'Any Given Wednesday'

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Nas, Kevin Durant & Bill Simmons on Any Given Wednesday.

Bill Simmons hosted a loaded show on the Sept. 21 episode of HBO's Any Given Wednesday. Special guests included rappers Vince Staples and Nas, as well as Golden State Warrior Kevin Durant. 

During the quick-fire "Speed Round," Nas gave poignant answers about what he would tell Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. if he had traveled back in time to squash their beef, how Donald Trump would have turned out had he lived in Queensbridge and said hip-hop is in a better place than a decade ago because the genre "gave birth to Kendrick [Lamar] and J. Cole, Drake and few other great, great artists."

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The Queensbridge rapper also praised basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal's rapping skills. "Shaq -- that's the go-to because he pulled off an amazing thing. He had real artists on the records and we listened to those records." Durant also weighed in, co-signing previous Billboard Ballin' Out guest and Portland Trail Blazer Damian Lillard

When the topic turned to rivalries, Nas discussed his feud with Jay Z. "It was a healthy rap rivalry. It went a little too far but look at the results," he said. "We expected to be leaders especially from communities that we come from. We're responsible for these kids looking at us, for our families. It's not just sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll."

Elsewhere on the episode, West Coast rapper Vince Staples kept it real while discussing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's comments on celebratory dances on the field and the state of the New England Patriots without quarterback Tom Brady.

Watch clips from Any Given Wednesday below.