Kevin Abstract Drops New Track 'Empty,' Plus Semi-NSFW Video: Watch

Courtesy Photo
Kevin Abstract "Empty"

This is the second song from his upcoming release "American Boyfriend."

In December 2015, hip-hop artist Kevin Abstract released the first single "Echo" from his upcoming sophomore record American Boyfriend. On Tuesday night, he dropped a new track, "Empty," and a video for it as well.

The video marked Abstract's directorial debut and nerves were high -- evident through his Twitter page, when he live-tweeted the video's release minute-by-minute.

When compared to the more mellow slow-burner that is "Echo," "Empty" comes across as a more bright, uptempo track. While there are few sonic similarities between the two, one uniting thread is the helmet-wearing Abstract, who graces the cover art for "Echo" and is seen throughout both videos.

As for, "Empty," the semi-NSFW video tells "A Suburban Love Story" of a girl surprising her boyfriend only to find him engaged in a sexual act with another man. The cover art currently remains to be seen though, as the song will become available on all platforms Friday (Sept. 23).

Watch the video below: