Stephen Colbert Helps Nelly with Song 'Debt In Herre': Watch

Courtesy of CBS 
Stephen Colbert performs "Debt In Herre" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

By now you've likely heard that Nelly is facing a massive $2.4 million IRS bill and that the St. Lunatics leader is getting some help from fans who are listening to his signature hit "Hot in Herre" over and over again. But the music biz being what it is today, followers also figured out they'll have to stream it on Spotify more than 402 million times to settle that massive lien.

Nelly Fans Rally 'Hot in Herre' Streams to Help Pay Off $2.4 Million Tax Debt

So, The Late Show host Stephen Colbert and The Late Late Show's James Corden teamed up on Wednesday night (Sept. 14) to do their part to help out. For his part, Colbert offered up a hip-hop-infused song about fiscal responsibly tilted "Debt in Herre," full of solid financial advice. "Not a little bit of back tax/ It's a lotta bit of back tax," Colbert rhymed. "He's like/ Good Gracious, bill outrageous/ Audacious, lost all your paystubs." You get the point.

Check out the video:

Watch James Corden Get a Birthday Surprise from Montell Jordan

Corden also signed on for the #SaveNelly movement by making an even bigger offer. You see, Corden recently got a beautiful gift from his favorite singer, Montell Jordan, who installed a special button under the host's desk that plays his all-time favorite jam: "This Is How We Do It." On Wednesday night, Corden replaced that track (which costs his show $6,000 every time he pushes play) with Nelly's "Hot in Herre," hitting the button throughout the show to help a dude out $0.20 at a time.