Watch DJ Khaled Go Undercover as a Lyft Driver

Courtesy of Lyft
DJ Khaled in a video for Undercover Lyft.

"This is what happens when you're too iconic," a not-so-well disguised DJ Khaled says to the secret camera hidden in the Lyft car he's driving. "Icon alert."

Khaled is supposed to be incognito as a Lyft driver named Billy in the latest episode of the Undercover Lyft series, where he also doubles as a locksmith since, you know, he's "got all the keys." His dedicated fans, though, can't be fooled. 

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As for some of "Billy's" other passengers, they are completely unaware -- even as he continues to quote his own songs and drop his key phrase, often referring to things as a "major key" -- until he finally reveals himself at the end. 

While one rider says she opens Snapchat to be inspired by Khaled's countless daily snaps, another had different feelings towards the artist saying, "he's a bit much for me, he's real dramatic." 

To hear and see how the rest of the riders reacted to the surprise, check out the full video below.