Migos Talk The Dab's Longevity & Voting for Kanye West in 2020

Mel D. Cole
Migos photographed at Fool's Gold Day Off in New York City on Aug. 20, 2016. 

Atlanta-based rap group, Migos, knows how to work a crowd. By crafting infectious hooks under thrashing beats like "Fight Night," “Versace," and “Pipe It Up,” the trio -- Offset, Quavo and Takeoff -- etched themselves a formidable lane in the party scene, hence their headlining slot for A-Trak's seventh annual Fool's Gold Day Off Festival in New York last weekend.

"We coming here to bless the stage," Offset told Billboard before the crew performed (Unfortunately, authorities cut their set short later that night). "We finna rock this out. You know, we get love from every state and every country. Ain't no pressure. We're just happy to come and knock it out. We're just gonna give the fans what they want, like always."

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Migos' party-starting mentality has triggered positive responses from fans beyond rap. In 2015, their viral smash "Look at My Dab" became a phenomenon when Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton introduced "The Dab" dance during a regular season game in October. A year later, they forged an indelible bond with Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh, 52, who hit the meanest dab during a Migos concert at Ann Arbor. From there, the transcendent dance became a national sensation as NBA star LeBron James, esteemed actor Tom Hanks, and even Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton attempted to showcase their version of the dance.

The group initially thought the dance would phase out and eventually die, but to their surprise the Dab continues to be a hallmark move across the Internet. "It's always gonna live on," says Takeoff. "The kids are growing up and they're gonna get used to it."

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Besides watching their favorite athletes show off their moves, popular sports video game franchises like Madden and Fifa have taken notice. "You gotta ask the kids [if The Dab is dead]," says Quavo.”You gotta ask Madden because it's definitely [in the game] and it's in the new soccer game [Fifa '17].” An avid fan of video games, Quavo says that he has already gotten his hands dirty with the latest release of Madden 17. "We just started. I just lost a game. So my record right now is 3-1. I took an L to one of my boys but I like playing with Tennessee and Carolina."

Even though Clinton gained brownie points for unleashing a series of dabs on Ellen, Migos opted for a different nominee when it came to talk of the 2016 election. "Obama for 20 more years. If we can't get Obama, we gonna vote for 'Ye," says Quavo of rapper Kanye West, who put in his unofficial presidential bid for the 2020 election at last year's MTV Video Music Awards. After recently collaborating with West on the G.O.O.D. Music posse cut "Champions," Quavo is sure Yeezy will make good on his promise in 2020, saying, "'Cause I'm gonna be in the house."