Oklahoma City Rapper Jabee Teams with Chuck D for 'Monument': Premiere

Simon Hurst


With cases of police brutality frequently making headlines across the nation, Oklahoma City rapper Jabee has put his wisdom to wax on the politically charged track "Monument" featuring Public Enemy's Chuck D.

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"Is it us or is it them?/ Are we together in the end?/ Do we kill the ones that kill so they never kill again?," he spits on the Hannibal King-produced track, which will appear on Jabee's forthcoming album, Black Future. "If it's war, if it's peace, if it's dying in the streets/ If we denying we dying but dying tryin' to get free."

"What you gotta do is get everybody ready for Black Future. You know what to do you know what to say," adds Chuck D in the intro. "I know you can spit and I know you can bring everybody together."

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The Emmy-winning rhymer (he won the award in 2014 for promoting the Science Museum Oklahoma with the song "What If?") says of teaming with the Public Enemy MC, "Chuck D heard some of my music and tweeted that my music had the potential to change the world. It started from there and we just stay in touch now." 

As for Black Future, he teases, "You can expect your heart and mind to be different after hearing Black Future. It's for all of us."

Black Future hits iTunes on Friday, Aug. 12. Listen to "Monument" below.