He The Best: 10 DJ Khaled Memes

DJ Khaled in New York City

DJ Khaled at Lavo on July 28, 2016 in New York City.

DJ Khaled isn't just a hit machine. Thanks to his Snapchat sensibilities, unforgettable catch phrases and multiple doses of #FanLuv, the Internet has made the famed producer -- who recently celebrated more success with his first Billboard 200 No. 1 with his Major Key album -- a meme magnet. 

LOL with these Khaled memes ranging from the hilarious and inspirational to just plain bizarre.

DJ Khaled Dictionary: A Guide to the Motivational Keyholder's Catchphrases

Khaled Squarepants

Who lives in a DJ booth under the sea? Anyone perusing Khaled’s social media can relate to Spongebob and Patrick. You just can’t let the keys of success just pass you by.


Any loyal viewer of Khaled’s Snapchat knows that the only thing he loves more than his plants is to water them. This Twitter user pokes fun at Khaled's green thumb. 

Name Game 

Mind: blown. This just proves that Khaled’s been living and breathing his famous catchphrase since birth.

Big Rings

Facebook has become a breeding ground for engagement news and this Khaled-approved meme (he shared it on his own FB page) is the epitome of #AmIRight.

Major Headline Alert?

During election coverage, CNN blasted out a Key Race Alert whenever a breaking development hit their radars. This probably wasn't the major key they had in mind. 

Cupid Khaled

This Khaled-themed Valentine's Day love note made the rounds online, bringing new meaning to #FanLuv.

Gotta Bless 'Em All!


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Even Ash Ketchum couldn't catch Khaled. 

Scoops to Success


#repost this had me Rollin ! ------ #wethebest #djkhaledmeme

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Any Chipotle-goer knows this feeling all too well. 

LION! King

A special lion order for the circle of life. 

I Got The Memes


---- #lfl #keytosuccess #true #memes

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Sorry, Khaled, but we meme out of #luv.