Toronto Rapper Tasha The Amazon Delivers Trippy Video for 'Picasso Leaning': Premiere

James Ellis
Tasha The Amazon

Toronto rapper/producer Tasha The Amazon gets turnt in the dreamy, trippy visual for "Picasso Leaning," premiering on Billboard today (Aug. 9). Following buzzworthy releases like the 2015 bangers "Nowhere" featuring RetcH and "My Level" (both produced by Bass & Bakery, a duo comprised of Tasha and Danthrax), the gritty MC follows up with "Picasso," a party starter drenched in Hennessy and faded bars. 

"[The song] is about escapism and the hustle," she told Billboard in e-mail. "They're two sides of the same coin. We’re out here pushing and building things every day, but every night it’s vices and whilin' out... always watching the sun rise from the wrong side. That’s where the video concept comes from. It’s scene kids in this trippy, dream-like, half reality."

She added, "Maybe what we're doing is escapism, maybe it’s self-medication... or maybe it’s art and it’s fashion and it’s fearless experimentation. We're living on that line. On the one hand it’s the downward spiral but on the other hand, it’s a gateway to something rarer…something verging on real art." 

See Tasha's views in the "Picasso Leaning" video below.