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Quan Remembers Tamir Rice in 'All on Him' Video Feat. Pusha T: Premiere

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After teaming with Nas on the 2005 track "Just A Moment," Quan returns with another lyrically poignant cut called "All On Him" featuring Pusha T. For the song's video, the independent rapper/singer/songwriter from Bridgeport, Connecticut, recounts the tragedy of Tamir Rice -- the 12-year-old Cleveland boy who was fatally shot by police in 2014 after cops thought his toy gun was a real weapon -- only with a different ending. 

"In this world where we are all victims of something -- hate, fear, poverty -- in the end, violence doesn't resolve this world's sickness, love does, and God is love," said Quan, who sings "I could have been dead by now/I could have been doing life in jail right now" on the song. "No matter who you are or where you're from, it's all on Him." Quan also tributes the Black Lives Matter movement in the Chip Stackin'-directed visual. 

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"All On Him" follows Quan's previous release "They Don't Love You..." from his mixtape; his forthcoming album, Point of No Return, is due later this year. He is also prepping the release of his memoir, The Thirst, where he will discuss facing life imprisonment when he was only 16 years-old, the death of his son and his relationships with Nas and 50 Cent

Watch the emotional video below.