2 Chainz Parties with Hpnotiq & His Dog Trappy in 'Not Invited' Video, Talks Wanting to Make the Pup a Star

2 Chainz in the video for "Not Invited."
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2 Chainz in the video for "Not Invited."

2 Chainz's dog, Trappy, hogs the spotlight for the rapper's new video "Not Invited." The clip, directed by Jordan Fish and m ss ng p eces with the treatment penned by Team Epiphany, shows the pup's perspective of the party in a lavish Atlanta mansion.

Created in partnership with Hpnotiq, the visual follows the 19-pound French bulldog as he parties with his famous owner while strippers work the pole and bikini-clad ladies make a splash by the pool. Trappy even gets the attention of a furry female friend and takes a trippy ride on a hoverboard.

Watch the full video for "Not Invited" via Instagram and check out Billboard's chat with 2 Chainz below. 

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Not Invited Pt. 1 -- @hairweavekiller x @hpnotiq

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Not Invited Pt. 2 -- @hairweavekiller x @hpnotiq

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Not Invited Pt. 3 -- @hairweavekiller x @hpnotiq

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First thing's first, do you always bring your dog to strip clubs and house parties?

Most of the time I do, except in New York. It’s hard for him to get comfortable in New York because there’s so much concrete and not a lot of grass in the middle of Manhattan. Those are one of the few places where he doesn’t go with me as frequently but he’s pretty much comfortable.

How long have you had Trappy?

I’ve had him close to two years. He’s not two years old yet. I’ve had him about 16 to 17 months now. When I did the GQ show Most Expensivest Shit, they had a dog that was worth 300k or something [Editor's note: The dog 2 Chainz is referring to cost $100,000, per the episode below] so I got a puppy. We’ve been going way up ever since then.

What made you decide to make Trappy the star of your video? 

I wanted to show that Trappy can be his own star and personality, so Hpnotiq and myself worked together to come up with a concept where you could see the house party through Trappy’s perspective. 
How did you first link up with Hpnotiq? 

I partnered up with them to create the video. Today’s new wave is about bringing back the old and making it new again. That’s what their #Since2001 campaign is about.
How long have you been a dog lover and how many dogs do you own?

Right now, [I have] two Frenchies, a chihuahua, and a pitbull. But coming up as a kid, I had a Doberman. My dad kept me around animals. It's no pressure for me to get around a dog and feel very comfortable.  
Any memorable pet anecdotes you can share?
I have a lot of old pet memories. I’m gonna have a a lot of memories with Trappy. Everyday, he does something different and new. i was just walking through LAX with Trappy and this lady was like, "He was on the plane the whole time?" I said "Yeah." She said "Did you have to sedate him?" I said “no!” and she said, "I've never flown with my dog before. I would probably have to sedate him." When we were walking, [another] lady said, "Hey! Is that Trappy? Can I please get a picture?" She didn’t ask me for a picture and that’s how it's been going.
Trappy seems like a cool, calm and collected pup.

Yeah, a lot of the French bulldogs pick up on the characteristics of the owner. My other French bulldog is raised by my kids and acts totally different just 'cause I think my nature is more laid-back and just a vibe. [Trappy's] just laying down for no reason, snoring while he’s wide awake right now. I’m just happy I got this dog. In my mind, it was always about finding something that was small but still old enough to not use the bathroom everywhere. He's just the complete package for me. I’m really happy that [Most Expensivest Shit] has opened up so many doors and enabled me to get an actual animal like this that people love and wanna be a part of. 

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Do you and Trappy plan to partner up with other dog companies?
Trappy already had his first breeding last week. Someone put $10,000 down on a puppy so 10k down doesn’t mean that's how much the puppy will cost for first dibs. Trappy doing very well for himself. He's doing better than some of these rappers out here. He’s only 19 pounds, he’s muscular, he eats well, he rides in first class, he listens to all the music before everybody else, he’s in all the studios, so Trappy’s good. Trappy has an ID card.
What's up next for 2 Chainz?
Cruel Winter is coming. I’m about to drop some more songs just to stay competitive with what’s going on. This is part of the rap season that I really love, which is the hot part of summer going into the fall. Be looking out for a movie that we plan on shooting and directing in-house. Another season of Most Expensivest Shit is coming up. We’re looking forward to finally getting on television. Be looking forward to just staying active in the community, using my platform for some positive vibes. Be looking out for the CEO millionaire brand. Be looking out for the "Strip Club Veteran" brand, be looking out for the "Trapvelli Bad" hat. I’m just trying to be an octopus in this business. Right now, I’m just trying to stay busy and have ideas, including ones that involve pets so I’m kinda out there with it. You just never know what will be next with me.