Cypress Hill Re-Issuing Their Debut Album in a Black Skull

Courtesy of Primary Wave
Cypress Hill

You can't smoke out of it (as far as we know). But you can put it on your shelf and impress, or scare, your friends. It's the upcoming 25th anniversary re-issue of Cypress Hill's 1991 self-titled debut and it comes in a black resin skull sculpture with a remastered version of the album that gave the world "Hand on the Pump," "How I Could Just Kill a Man," "Stoned is the Way of the Walk" and "Light Another." 

The special edition was created by the Boston label Get On Down Records, which specializes in unusual packaging, from a reissue of the Fat Boys' debut in a miniature pizza box to slipping GZA's Liquid Swords into a chess set, Masta Ace puzzles, a KMD picture book and Boogie Down Productions Criminal Minded cassette.

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According to Rolling Stone, only 1,991 copies of the skull will be made and Get on Down co-founder Papa D told the site there was a very good reason for spending three years figuring out how to hide the CD inside the black dome. "Every time I think about Cypress Hill, you think about that logo... it had a heavy metal logo vibe to it. What if we do a 3-D version of that?" he said.

Cypress co-founder B-Real loved the idea because it fit in perfectly with the visual style the band has cultivated over a quarter century. "I saw the first round of it and it looked incredible, man … If there's Cypress fans out there that got, like, a Cypress Hill trophy case, keep it with all the memorabilia," he said.

The skull comes with a 100-plus page booklet with interviews of the band and archival photos. You can pre-order it starting on Aug. 13 at