Yuna Shares Her Healing Playlist Starring Jhene Aiko, James Bay, Lauryn Hill & More

Ramona Rosales

Yuna photographed on March 4, 2016 in Los Angeles.

Soulstress Yuna knows that with age comes wisdom. "I’m already becoming a woman, I’m turning 30 this year, so the way I see love is different now," she said during an office visit this past summer about her music. "I’m wiser now, and I know how to appreciate things that I never used to before." 

Delivering smooth and entrancing vocals on cuts like the Usher-assisted "Crush" and DJ Premier-produced "Places To Go" off her third studio effort Chapters, the Malaysia native knows a thing or two about the power of music.
Deemed "the best album I've ever written in my life," Chapters came at a time when Yuna was coming out of a serious long-term relationship and wanted to move on. "I really opened up myself for this album," she said. "I talked about the break up. I was really honest about it. I didn’t hold back.”

Drawing from the theme of reflection and resolution, Yuna also shared her own playlist for healing. "These songs let you reach down into your feelings and emotions, just in finding out what you really, really feel. Are you really sad, or are you just pretending to be sad? After a while you just get out of it, and you say ‘Oh why am I sad? I don’t need to be in this little hole. I am going to come out of it strong.'"

Find inner peace with Yuna's healing playlist via Spotify below: