Snoop Dogg Misses Question About Weed on 'Family Feud,' Universe Makes No Sense Anymore

Snoop Dogg on Family Fued.
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Snoop Dogg on Family Fued.

There are a few certainties in this universe: your Starbucks barista will almost certainly misspell your name, everybody hates the new Batman until they love him and, assuming Willie Nelson is busy, Snoop Dogg is the planet's leading expert on all things pot-related.

But in an election year when a reality TV star best known for plastering his name in giant golden letters on every building he can is one of the leading presidential candidates, all bets are off. Exhibit A is Snoop's appearance on Sunday night's Family Feud, where he faced off against former boxing champ Sugar Ray Leonard to answer the prompt, "name something grandma might do if she caught grandpa smoking marijuana."

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Despite his love of the herb, Snoop had way faster hands than the former undisputed welterweight champion of the world. "Put hands on him," a bespectacled Snoop said after punching the buzzer quick fast. He refined his answer to "hit him" when the judges asked for more specific wording. Great try, but not the greatest answer.

Check it out: