Amber Rose on Her 'Unapologetic' Talk Show & How Dr. Phil Is 'One of the Coolest Guys You'll Ever Meet'

Amber Rose
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Amber Rose

“I finally have a voice & ur gonna love what I have 2 say,” Amber Rose tweeted in May to announce her forthcoming VH1 talk show, The Amber Rose Show. Produced by Dr. Phil’s Stage 29 Productions, the eight-episode season -- set to debut Friday, July 8 at 11 p.m. -- will feature Rose getting real with her celebrity guests about everything from sex and race to pop culture. Though it may sound like your typical talk show format with half-hour doses of chitchat, Rose promises she’ll deliver something fresh. “I’m really unapologetic, and I don’t give a f--k,” she says in her thick Philly accent. “I say what I feel so I needed a home like VH1 to not censor myself.”  

Before Muva Rosebud found a TV platform to vocalize her opinions, the 32-year-old feminist was the subject of many headlines for her romantic ties to rappers Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West. Nowadays, she’s being respected as her own woman and a bona fide boss. "For this show, we sit together as a team and figure out what we want to do together," she says, proudly acknowledging her H.B.I.C. role. "It’s not like, ‘Here’s your script. Do this.’ They know my vision and they never pressure me to do something’s that not me. It has to be very Amber."

How did your talk show come about?  

I did the show The Doctors. It was a segment about slut-shaming and this was right before my first Slut Walk. Then Dr. Phil saw the tape and said, "We need her." He’s taken a liking to me and has been so amazing, helping me figure it out. I’ve been working on this talk show for a year now, and to have someone like Dr. Phil mentor me about talk shows is amazing. I just shot my first episode. 

A year? Wow.  

Yeah, it’s not like they just plucked me from obscurity. I really had to put the time in and study and figure out. I’m not like Wendy [Williams]. I haven’t been on the radio for 20 years or like Conan who went to Harvard. I’m just a regular girl that’s passionate about things so I had to put that time in and practice. Now it’s finally happening.  

What were those first conversations with Dr. Phil like? What was his advice? 

Dr. Phil is like one of the coolest f--king guys you’ll ever meet in your life. You don’t expect that when you meet him and then talk to him, that he’s like a normal, regular guy. He’s all about the movement of feminism, empowering people and teaching people the right things. I just come from a different perspective and he respects that. It’s an unlikely pairing but it really works.  

You mentioned taping your first show already. How rigorous is your taping schedule for the show?  

Talk shows are very hard. That’s why they get canceled in the first season ‘cause it’s very hard to do a talk show. My first season is eight episodes and one day a week. We have rehearsals the day before and shoot on Wednesdays. It gives me the opportunity to work on my other businesses as well. Also, the schedule helps me in the swing of [taping], where I’m not extremely overwhelmed. 

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I’m sure you’ve been presented with plenty of show ideas before this, especially reality TV. Why did this feel like the right fit? 

I’m really unapologetic and reality TV just isn’t for me. My show would just be me and when you have a reality show, you need to have your family and your kids or it’s not gonna be good. I like my mom not being famous. I like that my assistant and my team get to live as normally as possible ‘cause this life isn’t as dope as people think it is. Reality just isn’t for me.  

Now let’s rewind for a second. Whatever happened with that Foxxhole Radio show you landed a few years back?  

[Laughs] Girl, I don’t even remember. That was so long ago! I wanna say I got pregnant with Sebastian. People don’t know but I had morning sickness 24 hours a day for nine months so pregnancy was very difficult for me. I had to shut everything down.  

You say your show will break the rules and redefine late night -- in what ways? 

We encourage the audience to chime in. We also have full segments where people in the audience ask sex and relationship questions. It’s a no judgment zone. Even with my musical guests, they know before they come on the show that I’m gonna ask them about more than just the album. I’m gonna ask them what they’re into sexually, and we’re gonna get down and dirty. It’s gonna be a whole different feel and there’s nobody out there doing that, especially a woman.  

Any chance your BFF Blac Chyna and Quincy are coming on? You know the people want to see that.  

Um, maybe.  

Not letting any exclusives go, huh?  

[Laughs] You’ll have to wait and see.  

What’s your personal favorite talk show?  

I always loved Conan. When I lived in Philly, I used to go up there with my friends early in the morning, wait in line, get the tickets and then they’d shoot at like 3 in the afternoon. I’ve always been a big fan. I love his dry humor. I love that he makes fun of himself all the time and he’s just funny, articulate and smart. He’s like 6-foot-5 and skinny. He’s my type 'cause you know I like that.  

Ha! He’s your talk show bae! 

Talk show husband! [Laughs]  

You’re also planning your next Slut Walk. What can the Rosebuds expect? 

This year, we have bigger sponsors so it’s just gonna be bigger and better. It’s really just a safe place for women to wear whatever they want and be able to talk about the fact that they were raped, victimized or slut-shamed, or dealt with double standards in the workplace or in their families. We’re gonna have more people come to tell their stories. I wasn’t close with my mom before the Slut Walk. I took her there and now we’re the best of friends. It’s not what people think it is. It’s really empowering and I’m happy that I’m able to do it.  

Some people are skeptical about your show and the concept of a Slut Walk. What do you tell the naysayers?  

Get educated about what a Slut Walk is exactly before you leave a negative comment on my Instagram. A simple Google [search] will help you and it doesn’t take long. And if you don’t get it, don’t come. 


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