Kanye West Talks Rapping as a Married Man, Meeting Desiigner, Working with Adidas For His Daughter & More with Big Boy

Kanye West
Larry Busacca/BMA2015/Getty Images for dcp

Kanye West performs onstage during the 2015 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 17, 2015 in Las Vegas.

After unleashing the new fiery untitled track off G.O.O.D. Music's forthcoming Cruel Winter LP, Kanye West stuck around Big Boy's Real 92.3 radio show (June 3) to discuss rapping as a married man, meeting "Panda" hitmaker Desiigner and even when on a motivational stream of conscious speech on loving yourself. Here are some of the interview's highlights in condensed quotes below.

On meeting Desiigner

"An amazing A&R came to play me the record and the energy was incredible. I met him at the airport and the way he was dancing to the music, it was pure energy, artistry, melody and chemistry." 

On an extended version of the Cruel Winter track

"We also gonna do a a 12 to 15-minute version with every G.O.O.D. Music artist on it."

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On rapping as a married man

"Being married is not a normal rap topic ... I always had this perspective of all these go to's I could talk about with this girl, that girl ... When you do have parameters to rap in, like Eminem couldn't say the N-word and it forced him to think of every word possible. Now he's one of the greatest rappers."

On rumors that he tells Kim Kardashian what to wear

"Nah, she tells me what to wear. We both love clothes. We both worked in clothes from, I'ma say, grammar school. We only worked in clothing stores. I worked at the Gap and she worked at a store called Body. [Laughs]

On feeling fresh as a kid 

"When I was in the fourth grade, my mom gave me my first Jordans. They were the 4's and I didn't know what Jordans were. The guy at the store said they were the coolest ones. I went to school the next morning and it felt like a superpower. [I was like] I like this feeling here."

On creating vibes

"You can't kill the energy. Especially when people collaborate. People heard the idea of me and Kendrick doing something together, you got excited. I live for the excitement. I live for the sport."

On being called an asshole by critics

"It's just the truth -- I'm 'Ye, man. Ain't nothing else you can do about it. If I had tried to be somebody else my entire life, I wouldn't be here today. I'm a champion. I'm a winner. I came to do this. I came to do what I did. I innovated. This is my truth. When I look in the mirror and I think it, this is some Michael Jackson levels. I gotta pinch myself sometimes. Can you believe it -- it's actually me? Here? Think about when Drake and Justin Bieber lost at the Grammys, they were like "Where's Kanye when you need him?" You need someone like me in the game. You need someone who's not watered down. I'm 38 years old, ladies and gentlemen. They put me in debt. They assassinated my character. I'm not a bad person ... People need that. We all controlled by a lack of self worth. We are taught not to love ourselves ... People should love themselves. I love you like I love me."

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On being a father

"The meaning of life is life itself -- your kids. Learning, growing how to connect with your kids, with my daughter and son. I'm just so happy to be a father. I know when I talk about my music I get amped up. I wanna sit and listen. I wanna learn what my daughter has to say. I want to learn what she's saying and see how I can contribute to her living the best life possible. I'm extremely protective [of my kids]. I'm doing it when I left Nike for Adidas, I did it for my daughter. There was an opportunity to grow there was love, respect and admiration at Adidas. There was an opportunity to make a better life for my daughter ... I don't wanna have to be doing "Goldigger" when I'm 50 years old. I wanna be doing it for fun. Joking around. I don't wanna be having to do it. I know I got rich people problems -- that' s the only problems I wanna have." 

On social media

"You love who you love and live your life. A lot of things come with. Cyberbullying and all that stuff, people using celebrities to let hatred out. They might have an issue with their father and it comes off in Instagram comment number eight. We have to be strong. We're so blessed, so fortunate to just appreciate the opportunities we have. There's codes to the good life. And some of it comes in how much space your home has, what type of clothes you have, what type of car you have. What I've learned is seeing on the other side of the curtain. Being a 14-year-old who couldn't afford Taco Bell to now pulling up to Taco Bell in a Maybach." 

On Cruel Winter

"Sometimes you have snippets, ideas, beats. You got like a solid seven, eight songs that we know is gonna make the album and the others ones [are like] a beat from Mike Will or Travis just brought three songs through ... We sit there and we work together on our stuff. I look at it as we on the same team."

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On reading comments 

Hypebeast is one of my favorites sites to go to and they're hilarious. Just the funniest comments. I got this line on "Saint Pablo" -- "Checking Instagram comments to crowdsource my self esteem." 

On whether he considers himself crazy

"I'm crazy about my kids. I'm crazy about Kim."

On the legacy he wants to leave

"When people look back at the body of work, I would've hoped to give people joy, a soundtrack to situations of their life. Art is supposed to be a backdrop for life while it's happening."

On fielding opinions while making music

"I like to get some direction. I like A&Rs. I like opinions. We get only artists, no critics [in the studio]. We kicked all critics out on this album."