7 WTF Moments From This Week's 'Empire' Episode

Terrence Howard in Empire
Chuck Hodes/FOX

Terrence Howard in the "The Lyon Who Cried Wolf" episode of Empire on May 4, 2016 on FOX. 

With two episodes left of Empire's second season, the drama gets deeper. With enough heat to pack an entire season, "The Lyon Who Cried Wolf" (Episode 16) finds the power-hungry family in an unexpected reunion with Grandma Lyon getting in the mix, Jamal possibly finding a new bae and Rhonda’s memory making a comeback. Run through this week's 7 WTF moments from Empire below.

1. Grandmommy Dearest

Andre discovers his grandmother in a home for the mentally ill and elderly. A round of bingo shows Grandmomma Lyon going H.A.M. upon hearing the word and destroying her possessions on the table. She then recollects herself, begins singing and realizes Andre is her kin.

2. Luscious’ Apprehension

When Grandma Lyon reunites with the entire family, Luscious is a bundle of emotions and tells Dre that he doesn’t know what he’s started. While Dre brushes it off, Hakeem and Jamal take their father’s reaction as a bad sign.

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3. Undercover Lover

New eye candy arrives and his name is D Major. After catching an attitude with Jamal and kicking everyone out of the room for them to speak "man-to-man," the new producer working with Empire Records kisses him, leaving Jamal in lust.

4. Ex Factor

Former flames Tiana and Hakeem collaborate on a new record -- and while his current lady and Menage frontwoman Laura appears fine with the duet, past experience shows that everything isn't what it seems. 

5. Disappearing Act

Harper exposes the truth about Luscious’ mother and is subsequently kidnapped.

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6. Visions of Sabotage

Rhonda starts having flashbacks about being pushed down the steps, but the real light bulb moment comes when she sees the bottom of Boo Boo Kitty’s Louboutin. 

7. Let Him Eat Cake!

When Grandma Lyon bakes cakes, you eat -- especially it’s in the middle of the night. After calling Luscious (or "Dwight" to his mama) downstairs at some ungodly hour, she forcefully makes him sit down and eat what she has prepared while threatening him with a knife. She curses the day he was born and reveals how much she hates him. 


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