7 WTF Moments From 'Empire' Season 2, Episode 15

Empire 2016
Chuck Hodes/FOX

Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson in the "More Than Kin" episode of Empire on April 27, 2016 on Fox.

Another week, more drama in the Lyons Den. On Wednesday night, Luscious' web of deceit, betrayal, love and lust gets stickier when he and Cookie were voted co-CEOs of Empire Records. Boo Boo Kitty experiences an emergency case and Hakeem's heart goes through the motions just before the head Lyon's biggest skeleton fell out of the closet.

Kick back and relive the madness from this week’s episode "More Than Kin" below.

1. Sex (Room) on Fire

The episode pretty much opened with Hakeem in an, er, adult establishment, rapping like the spawn of Tyga or Big Sean. This was how he decided to cope with the news of Boo Boo Kitty's pregnancy.

2. When Laura's Fed Up 

Hakeem's boo thang wasted no time slapping him when she caught him in the sex room thanks to clips of him hitting the web in real-time. She also didn't hesitate sliding his engagement ring back to him after they discussed the baby news. 

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3. Ghosts of Boyfriends Past Emerge

Remember Jamal's ex, Michael? Barely? Us either. Well, he has reemerged and what was supposed to be him helping the catering staff in the Empire building quickly turned into a catch up over drinks. While Michael did Jamal dirty, this rekindling may either be a chance for true love or an opportunity for Jamal to throw the deuces up.

4. Boo Boo Kitty's Panic

We are still unclear about Anika's medical situation, but we do know that she's okay and that Cookie's ride in the ambulance with her helped to keep her calm, but more importantly it was the beginning of a genuine understand between the two former lovers of Luscious. 

5. Quickie Tryst

Viewers have been keeping a close eye on a sketchy vixen who tries to squeeze juicy tidbits about the Lyons out of Luscious while also engaging in some BDSM bedroom behavior. However, when Luscious decided he'd rather ride with a woman more like Cookie, The Other Woman decides to attempt to ruin the Lyon family. 

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6. Love Drought

Laura took Hakeem back 30 minutes after dumping him after Luscious hits her up.

7. Andre's Connection

Refer back to the fifth WTF moment. The unidentified woman passes Dre some photos and papers. When he asked what they were, she slowly but sharply pointed out that his grandmother (the one that Luscious claimed killed herself) was actually in a facility outside of Philly. Dre shook off an immediate mental and emotional breakdown but based on the previews for next week, he stops at nothing for the truth. 


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