8 WTF Moments From 'Empire' Season 2, Episode 12

Empire Bryshere Gray 2016
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Jussie Smollett, Trai Byers, Bryshere Gray and Taraji P. Henson in the "A Rose By Any Other Name" episode of Empire on April 6, 2016.

Empire’s return last week was nail-biter, but the latest episode "A Rose By Any Other Name" (April 6) upped the ante. With power trips, betrayal, death (!), and a potential sex tape scandal, the primetime musical soap opera left more questions than answers.

Cue the biggest WTF moments from last night’s Empire installment. 

1. There's a New Lyon In Charge

In the midst of disrespecting his out-of-pocket, controlling father Luscious Lyon, Hakeem Lyon formally announced that he was Empire’s new CEO, even changing the business logo from his father’s face to his. It was so LOL-worthy that cast member Gabourey Sidibe couldn’t help but chuckle posting a pic on Instagram from the set of the new logo and Yazz the Great saying, “I laughed for 100 days when I saw the new #Empire emblem.”  


I laughed for 100 days when I saw the new #Empire emblem. #KingHakeem

A photo posted by Gabby Sidibe -- (@gabby3shabby) on

2. Andre Proposes to His Wife 

While dealing with mental issues and the emotional stress of Rhonda losing their baby, Dre gets down on one knee in his home to propose to her. The proposal isn't about love or marriage, though, it's about taking her to church. Dre reveals that he’s had visions from God explaining his wife’s fall leading to her miscarriage, but she chalks it up to a mental break and not any psychic or spiritual ability he thinks he has. Later in the episode, Dre accuses her of cheating during a therapy session with his pastor. However, viewers know she's not.

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3. The “Drip Drop” Remix Heard Around the World

After the public finds out Jamal's involvement with Sky, he’s approached by a fan outside of the Empire offices, where a protesting flash mob whipped out flip flops and remixed the season one classic “Drip Drop” to “Flip Flop.” They taunt him and his sexuality singing “Flip, Flop, Flip, Flippity, Flop!” 

4. No Laughing Matter

Cookie calls Andre “crazy” to his face during a moment of frustration. She apologizes quickly for her vocabulary, her eldest son accepts, but her lack of empathy in the name of business was both shocking and sad.

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5. Girl Fight?

When Hakeem’s older cougar bae Camilla has control over a tour starring his ex-boo Tiana and his new boo Laura, it’s obvious that nothing good can come of this.

6. Like Father, Like Son 

Jamal took the stage with a performance of “Like My Daddy” out of disgust for Papa Luscious after the former Empire boss announces that he’s "cured" due to his relationship with Sky. Besides dissing his daddy, he closed the show by telling the audience that Luscious Lyon isn’t even the mogul’s government name. The plot thickens...

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7. Sextape Scandal

Hakeem cheated on Laura with Camilla and in the process, filmed a sex tape to send to his ex’s wife, Mimi, in order to blackmail Camilla and get her out of Empire Records forever. 

8. ’Til Death Do They Part

Camilla killed Mimi as Luscious catches her in the act. He held her at gunpoint before forcing her to down the lethal potion she gave to Empire's chairman of the board. He walks out before it’s clear if Camilla survived (when asked if Camilla was dead, Empire showrunner Ilene Chaiken told Variety "I would say so!") but the possibilities are endless until next Wednesday.

Stay tuned.


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