Bobby Shmurda Shares His Presidential Endorsement: 'I'm Going For Hillary'

Bobby Shmurda
Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images for BET

Bobby Shmurda attends 106 & Party at BET studio on Dec. 12, 2014 in New York City.

Despite his incarceration (now at 16 months), Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda has been keeping his mind occupied. In a new interview with Vibe, the "Hot Boy" hitmaker (real name Ackquille Jean Pollard) detailed his situation in the pen and how he's been drafting up new screenplays and musical material.

"When I get home man, it’s on. When I got locked up, I saw how fast you could lose things. So now I regret a lot of things that I didn’t do quick enough because the label, unfortunately, wants to wait for certain things, or wait for this and that," said the Epic Records signee. "But when I get home, I’m dropping stuff back-to-back. Videos back-to-back. Mixtapes back-to-back. I’m going to drop like four albums in a row. I’m going hard."

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Currently sitting on a $2 million bail, Shmurda faces several charges including conspiracy, reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal use of drug paraphernelia after being arrested alongside several members of his GS9 crew last year. While he says that he's been offered many "shady deals" and that his label has been in communication with his family, he addressed the offer to bail him out from controversial pharmaceuticals executive Martin Shkreli (who was arrested for securities fraud charges last December).

"I ain’t even get to talk to [Shkreli], but he can’t bail me out anyways because of his situation," he said. "They’re going to say he got locked up for fraud. He’s not even legit enough to bail me out. But besides that, a lot of people came and tried to bail me out but they all trying to offer me shady deals like power of attorney, publishing deals… The only thing I’d give up is management ... Beside that, it's all love for trying. I give an 'A' for effort."

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Shmurda also seemed to be keeping tabs on the election while behind bars, even offering his presidential endorsement. "Y’all better not have Donald Trump as our president," he said with a laugh. "We cannot have Donald Trump as president. I’m going for Hillary [Clinton], man. Not Donald Trump.

He continued, "I like Hillary more because she’s into the people. You know they’ve said that women can’t run the country, but I feel like she’s more independent. She’s got a strong mind state. Donald Trump’s an asshole. I don’t care, but he’s an asshole. I definitely don’t want him as our president. [Laughs] The things that be coming out of his mouth is crazy."

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As for the results of the upcoming May 11 trial, Shmurda (who is also promoting his new artist Hood Heffner) remains optimistic. “I know everyone is staying positive and everyone is praying,” he said. “Anything that happens is going to happen. If we’re meant to come home, we’re going to come home. Everything happens for a reason.”