Queens Rapper Hannibal King Spotlights His Triumphs & Failures On 'Don't Die' Album (Premiere)

Hannibal King
Mikey McGriskin

Hannibal King photographed in 2016.

Hannibal King dishes out life lessons on his new album Don't Die, premiering exclusively on Billboard. The Queens-bred rapper/ producer tapped various beatsmiths for the chest-baring project, including Big Jerm (who's produced for Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller), as well as Mac Miller's DJ ClockworkDJ and longtime pal Theolonious Martin. World's Fair's Nigel Nasty hopped on the sentimental deep cut "Wedding Cake" while members of King's Villains United Crew (Bub Styles, ARXV and MMModern Marvel) contribute bars. 

The 12-track set is biographical, though, in that Hannibal waxes poetic about his highs and especially the lows over soulful melodies. The title track and "Rock Bottom" were born from suicidal thoughts and depression while the aforementioned "Wedding Cake" finds King spitting bars about his 10-year relationship.

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"This project has been the best time I've had making music in my entire life," he tells Billboard. "I came out of a dark place and decided to make something that was close to home. This was also the toughest project I've ever made because it has a lot of records that were hard to make. All in all the album speaks about me and who I am."  

Allow Hannibal King to introduce himself on his independently released Don't Die album below.