Hamburger Helper Enters the Rap Scene With (Shockingly Great) 'Watch the Stove' Mixtape


The hottest new rapper on the scene is not a person at all, but rather comes in the form of Hamburger Helper's mascot Lefty, who released a five-song mixtape Friday (April 1) called Watch the Stove, a parody of Jay Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne

Though the album's content clearly alludes to a well-executed April Fools' Day prank, with song titles like "Food for Your Soul" and "In Love with the Glove," the rapping itself is fire enough to set off a few kitchen smoke alarms.

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According to a press release, the mixtape was produced for General Mills by a team at St. Paul, Minnesota's McNally Smith College of Music. The mixtape was also accompanied by two music videos, which star Lefty flirting with a mysterious woman at the club and Theory rapping against a mac-and-cheese backdrop. 

Below, listen to Watch the Stove and watch the first two music videos: