14 Sexiest Lyrics From Big Sean & Jhene Aiko's 'Twenty88' Project

Big Sean & Jhene Aiko “Twenty 88”
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Big Sean & Jhene Aiko “Twenty 88”

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko's new collaborative effort Twenty88 is 50 shades of sexy. The frequent Rap&B tag team (see previous collabos "I Know" and "Beware") craft an essential eight-track relationship soundtrack that tackles the f--k-ups and blessings of being in love or lust.

Whether it's reuniting with a former flame for the opener "Deja Vu" or private partying for two on "Push It" and even lighting a candle to old times on "Memories Faded," the Detroit MC and Slauson Hills songbird are a match made in musical heaven, especially with their dirty minds. Here are 14 lines from Twenty88 that are sure to make you blush. 

"Deja Vu"

The best sex is still you - Big Sean

I'ma come through with that action then leave you on that mattress - Jhene Aiko

"On The Way"

I been going all day and now I need to hear you say my name - Big Sean & Jhene Aiko

Yearning for your lovin' baby/ I need that shit everyday 'cause you know this ain't made for nobody but you - Jhene Aiko

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"Push It"

I know you love it when I'm on top/ Gotta keep it going, baby don't stop - Jhene Aiko

Ima play this Johnny Gill, Vandross and Sade and Aoapele and you gon' use that mouth to take these pants off - Big Sean

I think I could see my life in your eyes/ I think you got everything that I like/ I think I could feel you coming inside, at the same time - Jhene Aiko

"2 Minute Warning"

Only thing I touch is that end zone - Big Sean

You got your legs going way up/ When you hop on top and turn around, I can't handle it/ I might pass out like pamphlet - Big Sean

You know I like to tell you what to do, I micro-manage it - Big Sean

Get you off, turn you on yeah I'm the only one that can activate you/ So good girl I couldn't one night stand you, you know I had to date you - Big Sean

It's a two minute warning/ And I know that you want it/ It's a two minute warning/ And I know that you're horny - K-Ci & JoJo and Jhene Aiko

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"Talk Show"

Since we invitin' everyone in the bedroom, let's take the covers off - Big Sean

"Memories Faded"

Remember all the times you used to fuck me in the car? Come right now and fuck me in the car - Jhene Aiko?