Rising Songstress Farida Delivers Spacey Slow Jam 'Solo Ride' (Premiere)

Sara Abraham
Farida photographed in 2016.

Farida needs no plus-ones on her smooth new cut "Solo Ride."

Hailing from the small town of Gjøvik, the Norwegian/ Algerian singer-songwriter says she reps for the independent ladies on her latest offering.

"'Solo Ride' is about the first sense of empowerment you feel after you realize someone didn't have your best interest at heart, and also realizing that you're totally ok with that and just want to kick it with yourself for a while, basically," she explains to Billboard.

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The "Three Weeks" songstress -- who will soon be taking her talents to Norway's biggest festival By:Larm -- met the song's producer, Mogilla, at a sound technician school and has boasted opening gigs for artists like Ne-Yo, Ryan Leslie and Talib Kweli

Cruise to Farida's "Solo Ride" below. Her forthcoming project The 25th Hour drops in April.