'The Rap Game' Winner Miss Mulatto Celebrates Victory, Shares 'No More Talking' Single Snippet: Exclusive

Miss Mulatto
Courtesy of Lifetime

Miss Mulatto and Jermaine Dupri.

Miss Mulatto is officially a So So Def Recordings signee. On Friday night (Feb. 19), the 16-year-old Atlanta MC was crowned the season 1 winner of Lifetime's The Rap Game (a competition for young rhymers on the ATL hip-hop scene) executive produced by Jermaine Dupri and Queen Latifah.

Below, Miss Mulatto drops a snippet of her new single "No More Talking" -- the appetizer for her forthcoming EP and "Broken Record Player" video -- while also reflecting on her syndicated journey and ultimate victory. She also offered this sportsmanlike salute to her castmates: "Big shouts to all the other kids on the show. Everybody won technically."

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How does it feel winning The Rap Game?

It’s crazy! I’m super excited to get everything rolling.

What was the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge was definitely the cypher. We had to do a cypher and it was really intense, ‘cause I’m not really aggressive and JD has been working on that with me throughout the whole process -- just being more aggressive, having the rapper attitude. Battle rap was kinda out of my element so I had to work on it, but it was super cool and definitely the most challenging.

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Which competitor made you the most nervous during the season finale?

I would say Niqo is the most similar to me with his training and ability to write. Niqo was definitely my biggest competitor.

What has working with Jermaine Dupri taught you?

Jermaine has a crazy work ethic, let’s just put that out there. I haven’t met anyone who works harder than Jermaine. He always instilled humility in us. He always said, "No matter how big you feel like you are [or] you feel like you’ve made it already, you still have to work like you’re losing." That was probably the most important lesson I learned throughout the whole process.

Lifetime has renewed The Rap Game for a second season.