K. Michelle's Third Album 'More Issues Than Vogue' to Drop in March

K. Michelle
Courtesy Photo

K. Michelle

Following her Top 10 albums Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart? and Rebellious Soul, K. Michelle will release her third LP More Issues Than Vogue.

The Memphis songstress will flip the script on her sound, blending ballads and even country into her repertoire. 

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"I want to be able to sing what I want," the My Life star said. "If I want to be able to sing country, I want to be able to show that. I want to be able to sing ballads that touch the world and not just one demographic. I’m just not going to be told that because I’m black, I have to do this anymore."  

K. Michelle recently delivered two offerings from the effort called “Not a Little Bit" and "Ain't You." More Issues Than Vogue lands March 25.