Let the Groove In with Dan Millrood's Spacey Remix of Charlie Belle's 'You Don't Know Me'

Charlie Belle photographed in 2015.
Barclay Ice & Coal

Charlie Belle photographed in 2015.

The Bonds siblings are still in high school yet are already making a name for themselves.

Comprised of 17-year-old vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Jendayi (left in the photo above) and 15-year-old vocalist and drummer Gyasi (right), the Austin-based pop duo set the mood for any occasion. Craving good times with bae? Bump their insanely infectious number "I Don't Want To Be Alone." Lusting for independence? Soundtrack the moment with their strummy jam "Petting Zoo."  

Charlie Belle -- whose group name salutes the Bonds' great grandmother -- recently released the EPs Get To Know and I Don't Want To Be Alone (Fanatic Records) last year, both a series of high notes for the eclectic music junkie. 

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Here, Dan Millrood takes on remix duty for Charlie Belle's acoustic tune "You Don't Know Me," highlighting their R&B influences by infusing funky grooves reminiscent of Grammy-nominated act The Internet. Jendayi -- whose velvety vocals sound quite comfy in the headphones -- even inserts a cool sixteen that adds to the track's overall vibes. 

Get to know Charlie Belle with Dan Millrood's spacey remix of "You Don't Know Me" below.