10 Keys to Success From DJ Khaled's Snapchat

DJ Khaled You Mine
Courtesy of We the Best Music Group

DJ Khaled in the video for "You Mine."

DJ Khaled has become hip-hop's Oprah thanks to his inspiring mini-Ted Talks on Snapchat. Khaled is often seen strolling through his Miami mansion in "Bless Up" slippers or speaking truth from his hammock or his tour bus, never not dishing out inspiring gems.

Here are several keys we grabbed from the DJ/ producer's Snapchat that will lead you on the pathway to success in 2016.

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1. "LION!"

No need to water down a Mufasa statue in your backyard. Just believe in the higher power.

2. Sustenance is a major key to success

Even if it's a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and almond milk or a turkey breakfast sandwich (Shout out to Chef Dee)

A major key to success pic.twitter.com/T66mZHCrGr

— DJ Khaled's Snapchat (@KhaledSnapchat) December 19, 2015



3. Always take your best shot

Or you're playing yourself

4. Massages are a weekly necessity

Especially when surrounded by bamboo and the sounds of the ocean


Thank u @kspikz but do U see the bamboo tho and do u hear the bamboo and the ocean ------

A video posted by DJ KHALED (@djkhaled) on

5. Every conversation should begin with "This is off the record"

Even a call to your bestie

Lmaoo pic.twitter.com/BeHGzv38w0

— DJ Khaled's Snapchat (@KhaledSnapchat) December 22, 2015


6. Be a superstar

Even when they don't want you to

Be a superstar pic.twitter.com/Vl8qYQbXIJ

— DJ Khaled's Snapchat (@KhaledSnapchat) December 22, 2015


7. Don't let anyone put time on you

It's always your time

Don't put no time on me pic.twitter.com/NNPZbeJrUI

— DJ Khaled's Snapchat (@KhaledSnapchat) December 19, 2015


8. Dove soap and cocoa butter (no cologne) is the key

Staying fresh is so important for the culture

9. "In life, they have many directions, I choose to go up"

Always aim for the top

10. "The key is to make it"

Whether lost at sea on a jetski or your own personal journey, always have faith