Killer Mike Teases Conversation With Bernie Sanders Talking Guns, Drugs, Donald Trump: Watch

Killer Mike
Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Killer Mike speaks at MIT's 'Hip Hop Speaker Series: Race Relations in the US' with moderator and MIT professor Ian Condry on April 24, 2015. 

When Bernie Sanders and Killer Mike met up in Atlanta last month, they did more than eat chicken -- as the Run the Jewels rapper pointed out on Instagram Monday (Dec. 14). 

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Mike introduced Sanders with a powerful speech at a rally for the presidential hopeful and took him to lunch at one of his favorite hometown spots. But he also sat down with Sanders for a long conversation, which is now getting released in six parts. The first video comes out Tuesday at 10 a.m. EST and in advance Mike posted a few teaser clips to his Instagram. 

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In the videos, the hip-hop heavyweight and U.S. senator discuss a variety of subjects, including gun control, federal marijuana prohibition, social security and medicare, Donald Trump and more. 

Watch the sneak peaks here: