Bun B Endorses Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

Bun B 2015
Julie Soefer

Bun B photographed in 2015.

Bernie Sanders' latest hip-hop endorser just arrived from Houston. UGK legend Bun B announced his presidential co-sign in a conversation with Fat Tony and Mark Sonzala on the premiere episode of Sonzala’s Hip Hop For Bernie Sanders podcast. 

The outspoken MC announced that he was backing Sanders, saying, "[Being a part of this podcast] also gives me an opportunity to let other people know from the hip-hop community that it's okay to start voicing your opinion about a candidates."

"I keep hearing a lot of people saying like, 'Well the election's not coming till next year so it's all good' but it's important to start stating your opinion and choosing a side very early because everybody needs numbers now," Bun continues. "These people need their supporters to stand up for them now."

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Come Feb. 1, 2016, Sanders is set to face off against Hillary Clinton and Martin O'Malley at the Iowa Caucuses for the Democratic Primaries. Other rap stars who have gone on-record to support Sanders include Killer Mike, Lil B and Scarface

Listen to Bun talk Donald Trump ("You can be a billionaire and not have to be a monster like a Donald Trump"), marijuana laws, and more in the podcast below.