Blackalicious Reworks 'Alphabet Aerobics' To Make It All About Sports: Watch

Nicole Mago

Gift of Gab and Chief Xcel of Blackalicious/ 

Blackalicious just provided Bleacher Report with a killer theme song. 

For it, the beloved hip-hop duo reworked their 1999 favorite "Alphabet Aerobics" to make the A-Z rap all about sports. 

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Calling it "Sports Alphabet," Gift of Gab and Chief Xcel keep the backing track and concept the same but squeeze in more than 50 sports references across all 26 letters of the alphabet -- from "Alley-alley-alley-alley-oop on amateurs" to "Zero zero zero on the clock, game's over."

The animation is equally remarkable, featuring a different style for each letter. 

Watch it here: