'Watch Me' Singer Silento on Viral Success and Senior Year of High School: 'I Know All the Girls Are Going to Be My Fans'

Brian Crumb

Silento photographed in 2015.

The 17-year-old, who is currently signed to Capitol Records, talks about his best dance moves and heading back to school.

"Watch Me" was originally recorded as a 15-second Instagram video. Did you think it would get this big after you recorded a full version of the song?

Yeah, I knew that it was a banger because everybody already liked it. In the video, which I recorded on my phone, somebody was beating on the desk at school. I took that same beat to [producer] Bolo and he went off of that and made a different beat. Once the audience gives you feedback, that's how you know.

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The track refers to two popular dances, the Whip and the Nae Nae. Are you an experienced dancer?

No, I never took dance classes. I want to; there's still some stuff I need to learn. But it's easy creating your own stuff because you can find out what everybody likes and then just put it together.

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You're about to start your senior year in high school. Have your classmates been treating you differently?

I know all the girls are going to be my fans. I want to go to college for business. I've got to find out what's going to be the best place for me. But I'm going to go to class and I ain't going to be late.

Watch Silento show off his moves with Billboard staffer Jason Lipshutz in the "Watch Me" episode of So You Know You Can't Dance below.

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This story originally appeared in the Aug. 22 issue of Billboard.