Bodega Bamz & Yoga Fire Break Down Making of 'The Plug (Part 2)' Video in Tepito, Mexico City

Bodega Bamz
Jessica Lehrman

Bodega Bamz

Bodega Bamz stepped onto Mexican soil for the video for "The Plug (Part 2)."

"We shot there because we want to show Mexico for real," the rapper tells Billboard. "We could've just shot some scenes at our hotel or tourist attraction but how real would that be? I said take me to where it’s real at." Check out the premiere of Bodega Bamz' video for "The Plug (Part 2)" below:

Director Michael Paxariño documented Bamz, his brother and manger Ohla as they walk through one of Mexico's most dangerous black markets, located in Mexico City's Tepito -- but not without the guidance from Mexican rapper Yoga Fire. The market -- that also goes by the name Barrio Bravo ("Tough Neighborhood") -- is estimated to be around 72 blocks.

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"The neighborhood where the market is located is called Tepito, that neighborhood is one the most violent in Latin America," Yoga Fire explains in Spanish (translated into English for this story). "The market is very large. In the market they self electronics, guns, drugs, high-fashion clothing, pirated, counterfeit goods, human organs… everything you’d imagine to find in Tepito."

"The market is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen in my life," Bamz says. "It’s like Canal Street [in New York City] times ten. It’s the size of Central Park. I heard you can buy anything from a tiger, a kidney, and even a human baby…. I bought a pancho [Laughs]."

Danger can easily be triggered by one wrong turn, look or simply being wide-eyed and unfamiliar with the area, as the case with Bamz. Robbery is also known to occur in the open-air market. To assure security, Yoga Fire asked for permission from family members, who are currently incarcerated, to be looked after when visiting the market. "I have family members who do business in the Tepito market. At the moment they're in jail but if I forewarn them that we’d go and film, they'd then forewarn those who guard the market so there be no problems."

Yoga Fire continues to say that "the people of the market don’t let anyone grab [anything] and if they see cameras and people who aren't from the area than it's more probable that they'll want to rob you. That's why you have to ask permission and with permission you can pass through with tranquility."

In the pockets of the market are wrestling rings, where legendary luchadores (Lucha libre wrestlers) go head to head. Bamz, fascinated by the culture, had Paxariño capture matches for "The Plug (Part 2)" video.

"I've always been a fan of wrestling," Bamz says. "Being in Mexico and seeing how rich the culture is with wrestling and boxing, I had to get luchadores in the video -- it's only right. These guys are heroes in their hometown. It's only right I show my appreciation to the culture and support."

The video was shot in one day, within a tight schedule, to avoid being at the market after sun down. "At 5pm, the market is left, leaving the streets free and the people of Tepito to take control; it turns into a world for no one," Yoga Fire says.


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