'Scandal' Character Playlist: 10 Songs For Season 3

Scandal cast- Bellamy Young,Tony Goldwyn, Kerry Washington, Jeff Perry

ABC's "Scandal" stars Bellamy Young as First Lady Mellie Grant, Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant, Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, and Jeff Perry as Cyrus Beene.

It's been a jaw-dropping ride for Gladiators. The third season of ABC's "Scandal" comes to an end Thursday night (April 17), and it's bound to shock and pull at the strings of avid viewers.

The season has left many at the edge of their couches with wine glasses empty and frantically tweeting directly to the show's writer/producer, Shonda Rhimes for answers. One in particular: When will Mama Pope be stopped?

As we anticipate the season finale of "Scandal's" third season, has compiled a character playlist, which captures the perplexing moods and minds of the show's main characters.

Olivia Pope – Otis Redding, "I've Been Loving You Too Long"

It's evident that Olivia Pope's Achilles' heel is none other than President Fitzgerald. Since the first season, the two have been at the mercy of the gravitational pull their lust/love creates for each other. Redding captures Olivia's sentiments and fight perfectly: "My love becomes stronger as you become a habit to me… I don't want to stop now."

The question from day one still remains: Will their towering love affair be their demise or salvation?

President Fitzgerald "Fitz" Thomas Grant III - Fabolous, "Can't Let You Go"

It's astonishing how strong Fitz's hold is on Olivia. Every time she tries to walk away, he pulls her back in, despite being, um, married! Fabolous' lyrics on his "Street Dreams" single sounds as if it was recorded specifically for 'Scandal': "Wifey, a little bit uptight/ Wondering why I keep coming home in the middle of the night/ It'll be okay/ If you bump heads it'll be a fight… You always get a daily page, a weekly ring."

Melody "Mellie" Grant - Nicki Minaj, "Fire Burns"

"I hope you lay down in your sleep and you choke on every lie you've told/ And when you're reaching out for me, you'll see you reap everything you sow/ You piece of shit, you broke me down."

Mellie's patience for Fitz's wrongdoings grows thin by the episode. In season three, Shonda Rhimes gave us a glimpse of the First Lady's backstory which then gave us a better understanding of her desperation to support Fitz, but also why she now wants nothing more than to see him burn. You can't listen to "Fire Burns" and tell us that it, if even the highlighted lyric, doesn't encompass Mellie's boiling anger.

Jake Ballard - Drake, "Take Care"

You can't help but root for Jake. He's been fighting for Olivia's love since season two, regardless of him knowing her heart belongs to one who not only keeps breaking it but who he technically works for.

"Pushing me away so I give her space/ Dealing with a heart that I didn't break/ I'll be there for you, I will care for you," Drake pleads, reminiscent to Jake. Can the good guy get the girl already?

(Editor's note: Beyoncé's "Why Don't You Love Me?" was runner-up.)

Cyrus Beene - Rick Ross, Drake, French Montana, "Stay Schemin'"

The title of Rick Ross' single alone screams Cyrus. The White House Chief of Staff is loyal to Fitz to a fault. Every season finds Cyrus plotting and calculating the demise of whoever gets in the way of the president's success, even that of his late husband, James Novak.

Quinn Perkins - Freddie Gibbs, "Str8 Killa, No Filla"

In three seasons, Quinn has evolved from a soft-spoken, timid lost soul to a straight gangster. Season three found Quinn gunning for Huck's title as the cryptic and devious one, but not before grasping for his heart (or body?).

Huck - Eminem, Rihanna, "Love the Way You Lie"

On this past season, Huck and Quinn's dented sibling relationship took a turn for the salacious and twisted. The latter is no surprise seeing that they're both conflicted characters. The second to last episode finds Huck throwing Quinn up against the car, setting the sexual tension ablaze. Will their relationship be as tortuous as their inner demons?

Abby Whelan - L.O.X., Drag-On, Eve, "Ryde or Die, Bitch"

Abby and her on-screen beau David Rosen have gone through obstacles – bribery and disloyalty – to finally be in a good place together. Season three features Abby letting her guards down to take on Rosen's troubles.

David Rosen - Taylor Swift, 'I Knew You Were Trouble"

The one person out of the 'Scandal' bunch that has been relentlessly trying to end the reign of B613, especially in season three, is David Rosen. The deadly organization's ways have been in the forefront of his mind. This season found Rosen face-to-face and at the mercy of the organization's new leader, Jake Ballard. Still while his life at jeopardy, he teams up with Olivia Pope to unplug B613.

Harrison Wright - T-Pain, "I'm Sprung"

Shonda Rhimes has gradually unfolded Harrison's back story since season two, but we've seen a new side to him in season three: weak in the knees – literally and figuratively – for past lover, Adnan Salif, almost knowingly. Guess who sings it, T-Pain or Harrison: "I'm sprung/ She's got me doing things I'd never do."


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