Swizz Beatz Settles Child Support Deal: Report

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Swizz poses backstage.

Swizz Beatz has settled a child support deal with UK based singer Zhanna "Jah'Na Sebastian" Andrianova, who he fathered a child with in 2008, according to the NY Post.

Kasseem "Swizz Beatz" Dean, accompanied by his wife, Alicia Keys, traveled to London in 2009 to take a paternity test that later proved Swizz to be the father of his and Andrianova's 3-year-old daughter, Nicole. Earlier this year, Beatz' ex-wife, singer, Mashonda, wished Andrianova a Happy Mother's Day via Twitter.

The settlement comes after a "prolonged back and forth between NY based lawyers for Andrianova and Beatz," the Post states. Beatz has been paying "interim child support" for his daughter through out the elapsed time. Aside from visa problems prohibiting Andrianova to appear in court, she refused to accept a settlement offered to her by Swizz a year ago.

A settlement has finally been reached between Beatz and Andrianova in which Beatz paid Andrianova's legal fees that amount to $42,000.

Robert Anthony Evans Jr., Beatz' attorney, tells the post that, "Mr. Dean has never failed to deliver on his responsibility to his children." Beatz has four children: son Prince Nasir, with Nicole Levy, daughter Nicole, with Andrianova, son Kasseem Dean Jr., with Mashonda and another son, Egypt, with Alicia Keys.

Last week, Swizz found himself in more drama when inappropriate messages allegedly between himself and aspiring singer Christina Elizabeth leaked. Elizabeth, 23, claims she's carried on an affair with Beatz since 2007. On Sept. 12, Swizz and Keys took to Twitter to laugh off the allegations. "Wow people sure do take things far with the BS Lmao! […] If people put the same time into positive things the same as they do negative B.S the world would be a better place! #peopleneedhelp," Swizz tweeted. "Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Some things are just LAUGHABLE!!!!!! Now, Let's Continue to SHINE!! Everything else is a waste of time!! Sending love!," Keys said.