Will Arnett Brings Lego Land to Life With 'Everything Is Awesome' on 'Lip Sync Battle': Watch

Will Arnett
Courtesy of Spike TV

Will Arnett on "Lip Sync Battle."

Whether you know him as Gob on Arrested Development, the voice of Batman in The Lego Movie, or Devon Banks on 30 Rock, you can't deny the fact that Will Arnett is lovable -- in an incredibly ridiculous sort of way.

So, imagine this: Will Arnett singing Tegan and Sara's "Everything Is Awesome" on Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle.

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But wait, there's more -- Will Arnett lip-syncing and rapping over "Everything Is Awesome" while wearing a construction-worker outfit and being accompanied by stripper-esque male backup dancers as Chrissy Teigen does the robot.

Yeah, no, this is real. And if you don't believe me, you can watch the video preview for the show, which airs on Thursday. It'll be pretty, um, awesome.