Illinois State Rep Wants Grateful Dead Officially Honored by General Assembly

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
The Grateful Dead photographed in the 1960s.

Scott Drury, Illinois State Representative, was very enthused that the Grateful Dead chose his home state's Chicago capital to play their 50th anniversary show. In a drafted resolution presented to the General Assembly, Drury formally saluted the band's grandiose impact in musical, cultural, and historical terms -- highlighting the Dead's final 1995 show with founding member Jerry Garcia. 

Requesting the city "wish the Grateful Dead much success at its upcoming concerts on July 3, 4, and 5, 2015 at Soldier Field and which the individual band members of the Grateful Dead much success in their future endeavors," Drury wrote out a thoughtful acknowledgment of the San Francisco-born band he so clearly admires.

Check out his proposed resolution below.

Copy of HR0623 provided courtesy of the Illinois General Assembly.