Madonna Makes Money, Whitney Sells Records, 3OH!3 Talk Remixes

In this Thursday's edition of the Daily Noise, brought to you by Fuse and Billboard, Madonna makes money, Whitney sells records, and 3OH3! talk remixes.

Madonna's highly successful "Sticky & Sweet" tour ended yesterday in Tel Aviv. Ticket sales topped $408 million, making it the highest grossing tour for a solo artist of all time, and only second to the Rolling Stones' "A Bigger Bang" tour, which raked in $558 million from 2005-2007. Despite struggling with her vocals on "Good Morning America," Whitney Houston's latest album "I Look To You" is projected to sell 200,000 copies and gain the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. 3oh!3 is looking to keep the momentum from their double-platinum single "Don't Trust Me" going with remixes from Kid Cudi and Katy Perry.