Ashley McBryde Recovering After Horseback Riding Accident That Left Her With a Concussion and Unable to Walk 'Without Assistance'

Ashley McBryde - credit Katie Kauss
Katie Kauss

Ashley McBryde

Ashley McBryde was forced to postpone a few concerts this week following a horseback riding accident in Montana.

The country singer-songwriter, who's in the midst of her headlining This Town Talks Tour that's set to run through mid-January in the U.S., ended up in the emergency room on Wednesday (Sept. 22) when she fell off a horse and landed on her head.

Friday night (Sept. 24), McBryde shared a detailed account of what happened, and she provided an update about her road to recovery. The accident resulted in a concussion and the need for stitches on her scalp, and as of Friday, taking the stage was out of the question since she was "not able to walk without assistance."

"A few of us went to ride horses on a ranch in Montana before the scheduled show on Wednesday," McBryde wrote in a note posted to her Facebook page and her Instagram Stories. "I'm not an inexperienced horseman by any means, I grew up riding a fair amount. The horses we were on are ridden a lot and cared for each day. Very good horses."

She continued, "The older mare I was riding was determined to go faster than the pack. Eventually I swapped onto a younger mare named Jenny. We got along famously. We crossed a suspended bridge without any problems. We stayed with the others. We crossed a river that was chest deep to her with no problems. Even up the embankment with no unexpected jumps. On our last little journey back to their barn, something spooked her. This wouldn't have been a problem apart from my right foot slipping just outside the stirrup."

"I tried to correct that with no luck," said McBryde, "and she was loping at a pretty good pace. We passed the ranch owner to whom I yelled 'I lose the stirrup I may go over,' and I did."

"Jenny wasn't trying to throw me at all. But she was moving faster than I could stay on with one stirrup and a loss of center balance," she explained. "When I landed, I assumed I had hit my shoulder as did the rest of the party. sadly I had landed on my head. After a trip to the ER staples to close my scalp up, the cat scan revealed a pretty harsh concussion."

McBryde -- whose most recent full-length album, the Grammy-nominated Never Will, was released in 2020 and peaked at No. 5 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart -- is still on the mend, but determined to get back on the road once she's ready to do so.

"You know me, I wouldn't postpone a show for bumps and bruises," she wrote. "But at the moment I am not able to walk without assistance. We are in contact with my doctors and following everything they say seriously. And as soon as I am able to walk across a stage again, that is exactly where you'll find me. Y'all take care of yourselves. I'll be back soon."

Earlier in the week, her team had alerted fans that some shows had been postponed due to the horseback riding accident, but did not offer as much detail as McBryde shared on Friday. "After a trip to the hospital and a few stitches (and some very sore bones) she is recovering and doing her best to ensure she can play again as soon as possible," the note on Instagram Stories had said.

Billboard confirmed with representatives for McBryde that as of Sunday (Sept. 26), the only tour dates that have been postponed thus far were her Sept. 22, 23, 25 and 26 stops.

See a full list of scheduled tour dates on McBryde's website.